About Us

Dr. Imal Silva (co-promoter)                             Mrs. Stella Adetunji (co-promoter)

Silade Agro Clubs Limited was incorporated to inspire players in the Agribusiness Value Chain while putting in place some of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to contribute to a society free of hunger and poverty.

Our Company is comprised of a team of practitioners and experts in various fields in the Agriculture sector working in partnerships with communities, schools, religious and social organizations as well as government, non-government and private institutions to bring Agribusiness to the citizenry while making use of available implements to achieve the results which translates to the economic, social and environmental sustainability of all concerned.

We setup farms – urban and rural, and create urban family gardens to mitigate risks of food security in these challenging times.

Silade Agro Clubs Limited enhances development strategies in the Agriculture sector by contributing towards innovative farming solutions, through practical training programmes and consultancy, while simplifying the various methods used to obtain a rotational food system and sustainability, as well as providing inputs such as seeds, seedlings, fertilizer, pesticides, machineries and other technology needed to make Agribusiness a success.

Silade Agro Clubs Ltd.
Connecting all actors of the agribusiness value chain with the aim of sustaining a healthier lifestyle for all.

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